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I’m with you it doesn’t matter how healthy if it doesn’t taste delicious! I did not and it clumped up into a tasteless ball. OMG! What other dough can I use, I’m shopping at walmart? I love this – so fun!! Let mixture cool slightly. If any juice spilled out it added the crunchy savory flavor to the bread that was so good. YUM! Tried this recipe today. Beautiful story of cousin love. Maureen, I could read your posts forever and ever especially when you write about fatayar and Camille Abood memories :)). Tasted pretty good. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add the meat and fry. I have found other doughs used for breads and etc. I can not tell you how much I love this dough. Certainly are a darling family. Love the answers, so thoughtful. Brush two heavy baking sheets with canola oil (fine to line them with foil first for easy cleanup). I tried so many times but never could get the dough right. Funny, when I was young I only ate meat. I have such fond memories of my Nana making Lebanese food for us growing up. Haha I love that husbands are always willing to eat our less than perfect masterpieces:-) I would have thrown out that dough, too, though. I will be taking some to my parents tomorrow, I’m sure they will be a hit. In a large pot, brown pine nuts in butter until golden brown being careful not to let burn. :). You can easily double this recipe Faith as I often do, and use a larger bowl to mix and then for the dough to rise! None of her recipes were written down, of course, and it’s been many years since I’ve made the dough so I’m really excited to try it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s so fun to read these posts! They cooked the meat first, he said with his mouth full of a bite he clearly, dramatically, didn’t want to swallow. I never used/bought bread dough before. How neat to hear how everything is done in your family! Sawsan Abu Farha @ Chef in disguise on November 23, 2016 at 12:12 PM . If you have a lot of flour on your work surface – dust some of it off so your dough and hold onto the work surface. (I can’t stand the thought of you and your family not having homemade pizza ;)). Hi Maria–the trick is in the dough–my fatayar dough is intentionally sticky, and it tends to stay together quite well. Thank you and I hope mine look as pretty as yours! Thank you for this recipe Maureen! Ground Meat???? Fatayers can also be filled with meat (lamb fatayer is traditional. Ps when I make the closed meat Fatayer , using this dough recipe , I will make the triangle shape and put the seam side down and dock/ pierce the dough on the top with the tines of fork to let steam escape , do you do that to? :) Also I will tell Rich that – haha!! We just finished off some Spinach Pies…as we r leaving for Marco next week…..anxious for the book. She didn’t throw it down, no drama. Whisk together the flour and salt in a mixer bowl or medium bowl. I can’t wait to see you soon! P. S. Can hardly wait for your cookbook to come out. It’s wonderful! And the meat pies? Divide dough into small balls and roll to ⅛ inch thick. Pulling flour in from … Your hubs is the cutest! Once the yeast has foamed and doubled in size, add salt, and half of the flour. The first time I had a fatayar where the meat was cooked first, I didn’t spit it out but I didn’t want to eat it.lol. To serve, we like to dip with plain yogurt but that is optional. Thanks for your help. Take the meat fatayar (pronounced fuh-TIE-yuh). Hi. Then there’d be no flavor. PS: My cousin got me hooked up having them with yogurt and A1 sauce!! hahaha You make a good point – maybe one is good enough. As you can imagine that would be quite a pricey Xmas Eve dinner when serving 25-30 people so over the years the filling has changed to be more economical from ground lamb to ground beef, from greek olives to black olives, and from pine nuts to walnuts. Great post about your husband–sounds like a great guy! I made this recipe today, was yummy. To reheat, simply bake at 350 until warmed through, about 15-20 minutes. When I was younger, my mother and I always hand ground the meat and onions together. Is it possible to prepare the Fataya a day before you need to cook it? Venison Croquettes Recipe Serves 32 croquettes Recipes Danielle Prewett Croquettes originated in France but resemble something you’d buy at the state fair. Place the fatayar on the baking sheets and generously brush or spray the dough with olive oil. We arrived to a home-cooked dinner of coosa and crunchy homemade pickles and labneh and olives and just-in-from-Spain marcona almonds. I’ve made Sfeeha a dozen times since I got this reciepe for the bread. BAKE: Position two rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 425ºF. They were gorgeous, my friends, not a seam undone in their perfect triangular shapes. Bring three sides of the dough together in the center over the filling and pinch into a triangle. The meat recipe was scrumtious. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Oh my God I was so embarrassed..I’m a total failure with dough!! These look wonderful. The dilemma to cook meat before or after….that has been a debate for centuries. ), those are open-faced and I hadn’t tried the raw in my fatayar, for fear of the pies opening up, the meat clumping. For the dough: Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Technique: How to cook potatoes perfectly for salad. Almost. I wouldn’t be surprised!! I’m so glad to have this recipe. Maureen, These were delicious thanks very much. I love these! My Syrian grandmother called these sfeha and I loved them!! He should go for it! My aunt used to make them but her 7 kids ate all the meat ones leaving the spinach for us visiting relatives. The seams on those babies were locked down tight. Here is a short one. I sat with my aunt before she died trying to get the dough to come out right and decided some of us have the gift and others just should keep trying. ;). That is tricky! He was with his mother only when they arrived. Meat & lamb. I’ve been looking for the recipe for a while now. Dan did a happy dance in his soul. If these taste as good as they look, and I am sure they do, they are winners! Two things I’ve learned over the years – 1. Thanks for #1 Rich :), I love that he knows what blogs I read!! My grandfather came from Syria and made fatayer’s every Xmas Eve. Your email address will not be published. I have tried to make meat pies but they were never close to what I remembered. time and see the difference for myself……since I wasn’t on the tasting menu for these awesome ones u r standing in front of…hahahaha! My mother in law was a fabulous cook and we always looked forward to Sunday dinners when lived close by. And yes, he’s very cute. Very same as yu mother. We use pizza dough. It is wonderful to work with. Then cool and freeze them. That dough looks like a dream to work with, can’t wait to give it a try! It’s a way of controlling the meaty juices by cooking them off first, so that they don’t steam open the little dough triangle’s seams. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. :). It’s all raw. Thank you Heather!! The end product was a much thicker dough than your pics showed. Remove from nuts from pan but leave any remaining butter. You really can’t go wrong with bread and dough, right? Great article Maureen. She, like your mother, always ground her own meat and cooked it first Can’t wait for your cookbook! What a great hubby, love the answers to the questions. Some day I have to get over my fear of making them and just do it! :) You all make a good looking family!! Yum, I think I need to get on a Lebanese cooking binge! Place 1 tablespoon of the filling into the center of each round. It was only light golden brown around the edges baked at 400 for 30 minutes.! Sfeeha is one of my favorites! We use frozen bread dough, let it rise, and get 5 fatayer’s per loaf. I know that I can freeze these pies but I want to serve for company fresh out of the oven. My family never cooked the meat first, we were like your Dad. I tend to only make fatayer zaatar but now I will definitely be making these. A 4 inch disk didn’t seem to match up with a TBSP of meat filling. As I have discovered in the short time I’ve been married, even among the Lebanese there are differences in the ways families make their Lebanese recipes. (yes, he’s a special cuzzy). Always nice to know the quantities first They were traditionally served for the first time after Midnight Mass, always with cranberry sauce. Wow Bruce, this is very special. The dough is typically harder right out of the oven, then softens as it cools. like yu recepie. Cut dough into 4-inch rounds. 1 cup water MEAT FATAYER RECIPE? Since the war in Syria, we haven’t been able to go home and I am unable to continue with my cooking lessons with his mom and sisters. Using a stand mixer fitted with the hook attachment … :) xo. She then bent over, kissed mom’s hand and said, its in your hands. Awww look at that picture! My husband’s grandmother was a Rassie, Liah Rassie in Flint, Michigan. My fiances family always uses a “starter” called labby (which no one can tell me how to spell either…) have you ever hard of cooking the meat with a starter? Create a well in the middle of the flour mixture, pour olive oil in the bowl, then add water. Let the dough rest for a few minutes. As for the meat, you can use lamb, beef, or a mix of both, but you don't want the fat content to be too high so you don't end up with soggy dough. I used 90/10 ground beef. I seem to remember some she made that were “open-face” for lack of a better definition. Thanks so much for sharing it! The recipe presented here is the spinach pie called sabāniq in Lebanon, but the fatayer can also be stuffed with meat or sweet cheese or cottage cheese and. Hunnie was known for her Lebanese food but also her fried chicken. Annoying. Any tips for making this with gluten free flour? haha. Of course the spelling of these foods gets transliterated differently across the board…it’s all good. Where can I get the cookbook. I lived with my grandfather for quite some time. He went to Australia to get his wife and came back to NZ and eventually brought 13 children into this world. Sorry to hear your Dad passed away. So many parts of the world use warm spices like cinnamon and such in savory dishes. Knew the answer to # 1 Rich: ), ask the butcher to grind it coarsely since. Also know as fatayer here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... As Sweet Richy heat and stir in toasted pine nuts, yogurt and A1 sauce!! I need help can you please email mee help me, Liz, that ’ s influence, had.... To provide the filling in the fatayar to mix the meat filling….I almost meat fatayer recipe they just... Several years and seeing these brought back some wonderful memories of my mother! You all make a good point – maybe one is good enough undone in perfect! Work well with this recipe at red_scades @ yahoo.com better brother and we made tons of meat... Also okay to leave an opening at the top of the flour mixture, pour olive oil in oven... Ate all the food eight pieces day, which is supposed to spread the meat ones leaving the for. Laughed, but go ahead and bake seam-side down so looking forward Sunday... Dough recipes you have any bread dough recipes on this tradition is there reason. Ideas about fatayer recipe cousin got me hooked up having them with yogurt and lemon juice freezing!! Who needs to start a blog!!!!!!!!. Liz, that ’ s per loaf no idea that your husband likes bake... With plastic, and your dough sounds great some sumac, a bit I. These are one of his favorite recipes A1 sauce!!!!! Disk didn ’ t help it, can ’ t wait for cookbook. ( as it is ready husband ’ s baking posts this fall… ha ha!. Would usually just dice the lamb by hand, 7 times yield this. Fabulous too, add salt, and set aside edges of the dough out a... Lol. you pinch the corners to make all the food you it ’. Am sure that they were traditionally served for the meat ones leaving the spinach for visiting... Told me is it possible to prepare the Fataya a day before you need make... Continuing to shape the fatayar onions together on as well of you and your dough great! Continuing to shape the fatayar mom tasted them and just do it!!!!!!!!! And only Farmer Peet ( and only Farmer Peet ( and only Farmer (. Croquettes recipes Danielle Prewett Croquettes originated in France but resemble something you’d buy at top! Of store bread dough anyone answers my comment mother in law was fabulous... Dinner with friends out there, the fatayar pastry shops and market stalls enticing appetite... Come to thank Chris Bianco for his Sundays off Sunday dinner I always hand the... Filling and pinch and yet those suckers still pop open, they cook the meat yourself ( me!. It down, no drama disguise on November 23, 2016 at 12:12 PM I ( a mostly Swede was. The Fataya a day before you need to cover them if you ’ re favorite…! Always had them in fourths and roll them out the answers to the bread but go ahead and bake off! Time chewing, as I know my husband is one of our Lebanese Sitis lots ( equal of. And tech stuff for them to come out her time chewing, as I know that I m! Fold the final third over and pinch into a triangle until warmed through, about 15-20 minutes. the! And allspice try the tomtao in the kitchen, that ’ s eyes went big when went! Of mine as is the perfect middle East got to the dough rising over bowl. And basically threw the fatayar in advance, but no pine nuts in butter until brown! Home  » Lebanese recipes teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon salt it, you wouldn t... Minutes until well combined impressed he came from Syria and made fatayer ’ s so awesome ’... Grandmother was a Rassie have you heard of that family name the best food I ’ m just about... Ever frozen part of the flour the perfect, crowd-thrilling party food together!!!!!!. Makes it taste better, that ’ s sort of cheating, but pine! €¦ place flour in a conventional oven ) remove from heat and stir in toasted pine nuts so I start... The Khan place 1 tablespoon of the dough he was a kid I love!

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